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Harris Family
  • familyhistory February 2012
    I have discovered the Harris family in Middlesex County Virginia that was supposedly free blacks as of 1825. It is an amazing story.

    How can I find out why or how blacks prior to 1865 were free? Was it common to buy freedom during that time? Are there historical black communities in that area? What plantation would a person live on in the last 1700's in Middlesex County Virginia?

    I would like to trace the Harris family back to Africa, Caribbean, etc, if possible but I'm assuming that would be difficult.
  • arthurharris33 February 2012
    My great-grandfather was Robert William Harris,Sr. born in Columbian Grove, Lunenburg Courthouse, Va. It now called Kenbridge, Lunenburg, Va. He was born a slave at that time. His date of birth was 1845. He died between the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census. He married Algerine Hogan of King William County, Va. born in 1847, she died in 1932. They were married around 1866. Their oldest son was Robert William Harris, Jr. born December 28, 1871. He married Georgette("Georgie") Hawthorn(e) (1875-1944) around 1896. They were my grandparents. They had identical twin sons, Thomas Edward (1912-1959) and my father, Arthur Grant Harris (1912-1984). My Mother was Elizabeth Annie Harris Moore Harris Patterson (1914-1996). If help can be obtained in finding his date of death it would appreciated. Robert William Harris, Sr. had three (3) brothers, Wilson (1830-?), Richard (1840-?), Guy (1853-?). His mother was called Violet, the 1870 U.S. Census lists her as Violet Harriss, born in 1805. Her husband as a Male Slave. Any information to further my study would be helpful. Thank You.
  • arthurharris33 February 2012
    My grandmother was born Georgette("Georgie") Hawthorn(e) to Rufus/Ruben Hawthorn(e) (1840-?) and Malinda/Linda Hinton (1845-1885). She married Robert William Harris,Jr., the 1870 U.S.Census lists him as William Haris. They had identical twin sons Thomas Edward (1912-1959), my father, Arthur Grant Harris (1912-1984). Her father Rufus/Ruben Hawthorn(e), had a brother, Sam/Samuel Hawthorn(e) (1822-?). His mother was named Elizabeth and born in 1805. His father was listed as a Male Slave. Her father, Rufus/Ruben Hawthorn(e), was listed as having received Conferate Pension. I would love to receive information on all these guestions. Thank you.
  • hello i just started on this journey of founding out about my grandparents, my grandfather name was Shedrack Brown Sr. He was married to Martha Ann Harris. She was born in 1913. Her parents name was Robert Harris(born 1871) and Ellin Harris(born 1879). My grandmother was born in Brandon, prince george, Va. Including her there was 7 girls and 4 boys. i really would love more if anyone can help. Thank you!
  • supermodel91 February 2012
    I have Annie Harris born a slave around 1820 and 1822, not for sure if its a married last name. Had a daughter names Mariah around 1840. They moved to Georgia in the 1850's. Annie died in Louisiana about 1920. She gave birth to around 14 children but ended up in Louisiana with 1 daughter Mariah.
  • mpaaghs February 2012
    The Middle Peninsula African-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Virginia (MPAAGHS), which covers Middlesex County, has a surnames list at the following URL:

    To sort the list by "County", click on the "County/City" heading at the top of the table.

    If you would like to add to this list, just click on the "Add Surname to Surnames List" link located just above the top of the list.
  • shasan504 February 2012
    Have you traced any Harris's to Greensville County, Virginia. City of Belfield or Emporia as it now known. My great great mother was Annie Harris she married Stith Wadler and they had 21 children. I believe she had a brother named Oliver and a sister named Rebecca (not confirmed).

  • joseeeeeeeeee February 2012
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  • gpeakswade February 2012
    I would like to recommend a book entitled "The Free Negro in Virginia 1619-1865". The author is John Henderson Russell, born in Lee County, VA in 1884. You may read it on-line for free. Search the title and it should come up. The book is very interesting. You will find answers to many of your questions. Many freedmen names are listed as well. Good luck in your search.
  • shasan504 April 2012
    More on Annie Harriss, born ~1864. Her mother was Mariah Harris born ~1840. Mariah's mother was Delphie Harris born ~1830 according to 1880 US Census Greensville county Virginia. Delphia had Mariah, Frances and others prior to marrying James (Jim) Lewis with whom she had Jenny, Mamie & Haskin Lewis. If Delphie (Delpha or Delfy) was a slave, I don't know which county they were from. According to Annie Harriss Wadler's marriage certificate she was born in Greensville County Virginia. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
  • lmoody October 2013
    Has any been able to link the Harris family in Greensville County, VA to Paul Heinegg's work? My maternal grandfather's mother was Francis Harris-Royal. She was born around 1864 as resided in Greensville County throughout her marriage.

    The oral history states the Harris family relocated from South Carolina to Virginia. Prior to South Carolina they reportedly lived in the West Indies. In reviewing the census data for SC, there are two families which appear to have West Indies ancestry - one from Barbados the other from Cuba. After 18yrs of research my Harris line remains a mystery. Any help would be appreciated.

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