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  • mayo477 September 2011
    I am researching the history of the Mayo slaves in Virginia. (Goochland, Henrico, Powhatan area). My email address is My grandfather name was Herbert A Mayo JR., born in 1918, lived in Fulton Bottom.
  • ellinoreharris September 2011
    Hello: I am researching Mayo's. My father was born in 1900 in Texas. His middle name is Mayo and he told me it was his grandmothers name. So far, I found a mulotto woman born in 1820 in Chesterfield County, Manchester, Virginia. Her name is Mariah Mayo. Hope it helps you..

  • joannie October 2011
    I am also researching the Mayos. My great great grandmother was Elizabeth Mayo, who married Joseph Brooks and lived in Manchester. I've found several others and they attended The First Baptist Church in South Richmond. They were free. Elizabeth was born around 1820s. I'm still trying to find out where she came from, but I have a suspicion it was Powhatan.
  • LauranettLauranett October 2011
    Hi, I'm Lauranett, curator of African American history here at the Virginia Historical Society. You may be able to find some information in Dr. LaVerne Byrd Smith's two volume history, Travelling On...A Comprehensive History of First Baptist Church of South Richmond. Volume 1 was published in 1993 and focuses on 1821-1871. Volume 2 was pubished in 1999 and covers 1821-1993. Best of luck and please let us know if you find anything.
  • shasan504 April 2012
    Through my research on Harris, Wadler, Mason and others in Virginia, Mayo and Valentines had been Free People of Color since the early 1700's. You might want to check Free people of color records by county.
  • lovingfamily August 2012
    Hi, My great-great-great grandmother was Sukey Mayo who lived in Cumberland County, VA, she was one of the many slaves that Joseph Mayo, a successful farmer had set free upon his death in 1791. In October 1785 he wrote a will executing a petition to the General Assembly to free his slaves.
  • 2america August 2012
    I recall one female Mayo in poss 1870 census for Fayette Co TX ...I've forgotten her given name but she was the cook for a Kellough / Kellogg Family/// within that family group was a male Albert Knox and his new wife... Ms. Mayo's daughter is / was Caroline Baker (m) Tom Clemons of Dime Box Lee Co TX
  • sharonnash49 January 2014
    Hi, my ggrandmother was a Mayo, born in Powhatan Va. her name was Martha Sue Mayo, her parents name was John and Mary mayo, and she was born 1872. She md. Abner Nash born 1853 from Cumberland. His mother name was Ann Carrington.
  • Sondrabj February 2014
    This is what I know about the Mayos. My mother's maiden name is Mayo. She is still living, so I won't give out her details. I am going to go chronologically backwards, which will end up in Virginia.

    My grandfather was born William Mayo, but later changed his name to Burton Mayo so he would stop getting his Uncle William's mail! William/Burton Mayo was born in Morton, PA in 1892. Morton is outside of Philadelphia. He was an Insurance Collector. He married my grandmother, Alma Virginia Pryor, who was from Petersburg, VA. William/Burton had 10 siblings, all born in Morton, PA.

    William/Burton's father was Edward Mayo. He was born in Powhatan, VA in 1863. In 1880, he was 15 and living in Dover, Goochland, VA. Some time between 1880 and 1900, he and his wife Isabella moved to Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Morton to be specific. Edward was was listed as a Day Laborer. He had 10 siblings. A few of them moved to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, too.

    Edward's parents were Tazewell W. Mayo and Louisa Mayo. Tazewell was born in Powhatan, VA in 1835. He was a free black at least in 1850 and was listed as Mulatto in later Census. Sometime between 1870 and 1880, he moved his wife and children to Dover, Goochland, VA. He later moved to Richmond, VA where he died. Tazewell was a Wheelright and he had 10 siblings. One sibling was named John Mayo, who was born abt 1842. sharonnash49, I don't know if this is your John Mayo, seeing how that was a common name. I don't have any other info on John Mayo.

    Tazewell's parents were James C. Mayo and Sarah Mayo. He was born in around 1810 in Virginia, but don't know where in Va. He was listed as Black. I don't have any documentation saying if he was born a free black. James was a Blacksmith.

    That is where I am with my family research. I hope to get down the Virginia this summer and spend time at the Virginia State Library to see what else I can learn. I have a tree on called the Mayo/Pryor Family Tree. I will add more narrative to the Mayo side at some point. I hope this gives you a few clues.

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