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Norfolk City and County Slaves
  • hgentry February 2012
    I'm looking for descendants of people enslaved from the Norfolk, VA area. I am compiling data, and would like to meet others who are conducting research in this area.
  • NiaJai February 2014
    Hi, If you're still compiling data, I have ancestors who were enslaved in Norfolk County. Would be happy to share data. Here's my blog - and you can email me at [thenameofmyblog]
  • kdeguzman September 2014
    Hi, Anderson Horsley and Betsy Williams are my ancestors. I have several DNA matches with people who share the Horsely, Cabell and Williams surnames. My DNA matches are as much as 96%, 95% with some people who show our MRCA is in the generation where Sally Sarah Horsley, Benjamin Horsley, Rowland Horsley, etc lived. At least 6 different DNA matches of varying degrees list them or other Horsley and Cabell common ancestors (in the generation of Anderson's parents and before). My issue is that while my DNA matches prove we are related through the Horsleys, the relatives do not list any mulatto ancestors, including Anderson, in their family trees, thus I am unable to confirm which Horsley was his parent. I have only been able to trace Anderson as far back as his marriage to Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams on Fredrick M Cabell's estate. Contact me at if you are able to provide any additional info please.

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