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Would like to see all names within a given document
  • Buscador September 2011
    Thank you for access to this terrific database! After searching a few records, I notice that the results are limited to the name that I entered in my search, as well as related names (eg parents linked to their children). Additionally, I would like to see all the named individuals for a given document. I certainly appreciate what is being provided here, but most historical documents are quite difficult to read, and the names have already been extracted by the programmers. Besides, I can't search for a name that I don't know. Again, thanks a million for this fine effort. Please let me know if I've overlooked a feature of the system that allows me to do this.
  • VHSAdmin September 2011
    Thank you for visiting the Unknown No Longer database. As mentioned in the "About This Project" section of the site we are just starting to add names to the database so please check back weekly. In addition to searching by name, you can search by gender, occupation, date, city, county, state, location, owner's name and record type. When you first see the database the basic search options are available, if you click on "Advanced Search Options" to the left of the "Search" button this will open up more search options.

    As for including all the names listed in a given document, we limit additions to slave and owner names though other names are added to the notes field of the name or document if pertinent information relates to the slave or owner. If you would like further information about a document make note of the "Record Call No." and "Record Title" in the search result page and try searching our online catalog. There is a link to the VHS catalog at the top right of every page.

    One hint for seeing more names for a particular document: try clicking on the owner's name. This will display all slaves mentioned in the document as being owned by that owner.

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