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Fugitive Slave-Dangerfield Lawson
  • mazzoccarosemarie September 2011
    Seeking any information on my 2nd great grandfather Dangerfield Lawson who was born into slavery around 1806 in Hagerstown Maryland or Virginia.He eventually found his way to Canada via the Underground Railroad and settled in the "Queen`s Bush Settlement".There is some association of him with Dangerfield Newby ?
  • New information about Henry Dangerfield Lawson has surfaced,he was a coachman for a slave owner in Maryland and drove off with the team of his master`s horses and made his way to Canada where he settled in the Queen`s Bush settlement.William Still`s Daughter Sophia married the son of Dangerfield Lawson named Henry.Would like to know plantation where he lived?
  • Hi there,just back on this site and saw your reply,sure would like to know about your family tree and the surname lawson.My email address is I know is my 2nd great grandfather Dangerfield Lawson came from Virginia.I have also been told to look up the Lawson Plantation Owners in Tidewater Virginia who might be where he descended from.Any help would be totally appreciated.Thank you

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