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Tate Family Slave Owners of Virginia
  • Ngola1Ibo July 2012
    Hi! My name is Amos Carr from Chicago. I am a descendant of the Tate family who resided in Noxubee Mississippi in the 1860's as slaves to a Mr John M Tate who was born in Kentucky. My great great grandfather Neil tate's father was listed as being born in Virginia. I'm trying to find out more about my ancestors who resided as slaves in colonial Virginia. I always thought that my ancestors were brought to the Mississippi region from Africa or the Caribbean Islands but it appears as though they were taken to Virginia and then transported to Mississippi. I need help tracing my great great grandfather Neil's father back to Virginia and hopefully to a region in Africa
  • tate January 2013
    My Tates came from Brooksville Mississippi, Moved to Tuscaloosa ala. Will Tate married Sarah Moore in Brooksville alabama. are these your Tate's
  • Ngola1Ibo February 2013
    I believe so. My great grandmother's nephew Richard Tate currently lives in Brooksville, MS or Columbus, MS. I've heard of a will Tate some where in our genealogy. My great-great grandfather's name was Neil/Neal Tate. He was married to Nelly Tate. Their children were Emma Tate, Josephine Tate, Adalaide Tate, Neil Jr, Frank Tate, Jefferson Tate, Sarah Tate, James Tate, Mary Tate, William Tate & Harriet Tate. So your Will Tate may be my William Tate. I don't any information on who he married. But they definitely lived in the brooksville, Columbus, & Alabama territory. As a matter of fact, my great-great grandfather Neil was born in Alabama. Can you please contact me and let's compare notes. I truly believe that there is a connection here.

  • Ngola1Ibo February 2013
    One more thing. My Tate ancestors were owned by a Mr John Tate who died in Noxubee Ms. John Tate was married to Sarah Tate and I believe he died in 1851/53

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