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Royall or Royal
  • ellinoreharris September 2011
    Hello: I am looking for information on the parents of Abraham Royall born in 1835 in Virginia or North Carolina. He married Clarissa Andrews (born 1845)who was a slave in Alabama and Virginia. They settled in Henderson County, Athens, Texas in 1860, and stayed there until both past away.
  • Parents for Abraham are William Royall Sr 1794-1870 and a Elizabeth ? 1820-?
    Abraham died 18 Nov 1911 Athens,Texas.Clarissa his wife 25 Dec 1844-20 Mar found on Ancestry
  • LauranettLauranett October 2011
    Congratulations! It is wonderful to have sites like Ancestry and the various sites I list under related resources. Thanks for sharing your news. Lauranett
  • urq61 February 2013
    Hi did Abraham have a son William abt 1866 in Virginia and move to New York also was a Mulatto?
  • Abraham Royall did have a son William born 1867 in Texas.found a 1870 federal census on ancestry for a Abraham Royall,wife Clarisy(25 yrs),Henry F 8 yrs,john C 5 yrs,William 3 yrs,Malinda 1 yrs.This is all that I could find,I`ll keep searching.Abraham Royall was listed as 35 yrs.being born in North Carolina in 1835

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