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William Lee & Ave Noel; Thomas Andrews & Tabitha Lee; John Andrews & Martha “Patsy” Arnold
  • Timothius01Timothius01 October 2012
    William Lee and Ave Noel were the parents of Tabitha Lee. Tabitha Lee married Thomas Andrews. Thomas Andrews and Tabitha Lee had a son--John Andrews. They resided in Bedford County, VA. John Andrews married Martha “Patsy” Arnold and moved to Campbell County, VA.

    I believe my Andrews ancestors were held by various members of these families. For example, my 4G grandmother’s name is Pindah. William Lee’s will, admitted to probate on September 26, 1853, states, “Give to Thomas Andrews and my daughter Tabitha, his wife, PINDAH, a featherbed and furniture and a fine mare in their possession.” Pindah’s son’s name was Kit Andrews. William Lee’s will further states, “To my wife, Ave Lee estate and three negroes KITT, Jacob, Neptune, 2 horses, 6 head of cattle . . .”

    My question is, does anyone have more detailed information about the Lee, Noel, Andrews or Arnold families of Bedford County and Campbell County, VA? Does anyone know the approximate sites of their homes? What did they do for a living? Is anyone aware of other records, e.g., tax records, transaction records, deeds, etc. that might pertain to slaves held by these and related families?
  • lindaelane March 2013
    Hello. I descend from the Arnold and Andrews families of Virginia. Martha "Patsy" Arnold was first cousin to my gggg-grandfather Chesley Arnold, she was a grandhild of my 6th g-grandfather William C. Arnold. Thomas Andrews was a son of my 6th great-grandfather Mark Jacob Andrews (whose daughter Susannah married Chesley Arnold). The families had plantations at various sites. I have tons of information. I am new here (I found your comment through a google search). How do I share this information with you?
  • lindaelane March 2013
    I have more information. When do you think Pindah was born? I find that "Pender" was willed to Thomas Andrews' sister Susannah in 1775 by my 6th g-grandfather Mark Andrews. Susannah was fifteen at the time, and we have no further information on her, so she may have died young. We do not know what became of "Pender". (Pender is referred to as a girl, and I think in wills this was meant literally rather than as an insult, at least, all the old wills I know, when I find out who they are referring to as a girl or boy, it is a child.) Anyway, I would really like to hear from you. One of my dreams is to get to say sorry to some descendants of my ancestors' slaves.

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