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Looking for Crawleys Black and White
  • tkck November 2012
    I'm looking for information on Crawley's that from what I know came from South Boston, Virginia area.

    My grandfather's name was Clarence Crawley his father was Joseph Issac Crawley born around 1887 -- Joseph's father was Alexander Crawley and his wife was Annie... after that I start hitting roadblocks. If you any information that you think might help me I would be greatly appreciative.

    My grandfather Clarence was married to Lola Guthrie Crawley they had 3 children Juanita, Edward, and Douglas. They resided in Mount Union, PA.

    He had 1 sister Mary Crawley, and 2 brothers Alexander and Hucules

    I've been to South Boston many, many times from childhood to adulthood. On my last visit to Crawley lane (that really is the name of the lane)... I found out that "right across the fields lived the "white crawleys"... when I expressed my interest in speaking with them, the "black crawleys" just about had heart attacks!... So being the respectful young adult of my elders, I let it go... It would be great to connect with a "white crawley" from South Boston that wouldn't mind sharing some history.

    Thanks Tk Kauffman
  • dlfarthing January 2013
    Please keep me informed if you come across the Crawleys in Amelia County VA. My family line is African-American Crawleys. Thanks...
  • UNMe23030 July 2013
    Hello... You may also want to check in Charles City County, Va. Several Crawleys are there (mostly Black)

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