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Lyle Family Prince Edward County - Black or White
  • Queenie December 2012
    Let me expand upon my original question, I would like to correspond with the descendants of Betsy Lyle of Prince Edward County. In the 1850 census, Betsy Lyle's race is listed as white, as was her daughter Josephine age one. Their race and the race of her younger children in the 1860 census was listed as mulatto.

    The only Lyle family in that area (by and before 1850) were the family of Reverend Matthew Lyle and Sarah Lyle. Reverend Matthew Lyle died around 1827 and his wife died around 1844. Based on census data and some genealogies, their children lived in various locations in Texas or Virginia.

    Related families are Harvey, Early, Eggleston and Henderson.

    I'd love to hear from anyone researching these families.

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