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Spencer Family
  • Dwill December 2012
    I am in need of help finding information on the Spencer family. I know that some things for my family was white and others were able to pass, becoming bootlegged, etc. All I know is that many of them left from around the Richmond, VA area went north to Pennsylvania, traveled the Ohio River and ended up in Cairo, Illinois and the Poplar Bluff, Missouri area in Southeast Missouri. From there I am sure some stayed and some went but if anyone has information please respond to this or email me directly at
  • paigepaige December 2012
    Hi Dwill,
    Can you give us some specific Spencer family members that lived in Richmond, Virginia? This will help narrow the search with hopes of finding information about your family.

    Thank you for joining the UNL Message Board,
  • beverlyjones September 2013
    Look at records in Henry county,Martinsville Va.
  • Dwill September 2013
    Jeremiah, Sebrina, Subrina, are husband and wife. In Virginia Jeremiah is white but in Missouri hrs black. My Grandfather, who is their Grandson said his Father Benjamin Jeremiah Spencer had white cousins who lived in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

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