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Gray & Merriweather Families
  • cookster December 2012
    Ollie Gray & Georgia Merriweather out of lowndes county alabama ft. deposit/sandy ridge/
  • paigepaige December 2012
    Hi Cookster,
    Are Ollie Gray & Georgia Merriweather from Alabama or Virginia? Could you provide more information on their ties to Virginia?

    Thanks for visiting the UNL database,
  • cookster March 2013
  • paigepaige March 2013
    Hi Cookster,
    Most of the records in the Unknown No Longer database are from Virginia but owners did have plantations outside of Virginia. What are Ollie Gray & Georgia Merriweather's ties to Virginia? If we can narrow down their Virginia ties maybe we can help you find some information.
    Thanks for responding!
  • cookster July 2013
    albert and biddie meriwether. (today it is merriweather. albert dad was alic meriwether. he was from north carolina. his mother was martha, she was from south carolina on the 1880 census. spelled all or alic meriwether. alic and martha children were albert,ann,jery,caroline,hariet,richard. alic my great gd3x
    was birthplace was in georgia on 1870 census i don't know what part. He was 60yrs and martha was 22yrs we confirmed that. I am trying to find out more about alic and martha but I am at a brick wall. merriweather,meriweather,meriwether. Albert and Biddie Meriwether had a son name jim press meriwether my great uncle. my granny brother is in all kinds of books. he was a cottonpicker who did'nt take no mess. bloody lowndes is one of the books. far as virgina i don't know if any connections.
  • paigepaige July 2013
    Hi Cookster,
    Obviously, you've looked at census records to verify Merriweather/Meriweather/Meriwether genealogical information. What other types of records have you checked?

  • cookster July 2013
    bloody lowndes county is a book. hammer and toe is a book. I have several books with snippets about albert meriwether. I dont know if alic was a slave or not. I am trying to see what part he grew up in.
  • cookster January 2016
    I am trying to find out about my 3rd great grandparent alic Meriwether born about 1803 or 1810 ga lived in sandyridge Lowndes Alabama on the 1880 census its all Meriwether, on 1870 its alic Meriwether. I don't know when he died trying to find that out now.
  • paigepaige April 2016
    Have you tried searching in Find A Grave? -
    You can search by cemetery which will help locate which cemeteries are located in Lowndes, Ala.


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