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How Does One Contribute Information to this Site?
  • Mooring62 December 2012
    I am published three times on Virginia families and I kept my slave records with documentation together. I would like to furnish these to the data base. I have furnished them to the Lewis museum in Baltimore by giving them to Lisa Crawley. I am a member of the Virginia Historical Society.
    Laura Hawley
  • paigepaige January 2013

    Dear Ms. Hawley,

    We appreciate greatly the interest that has been shown in Unknown No Longer: A Database of Virginia Slave Names. One clarification is perhaps in order given some responses we have received. This is “a” database and certainly not the only electronic resource available on enslaved persons in Virginia. We have had to set certain parameters for our project, for a number of reasons, and we want users to understand that our database consists solely of information derived from original, unpublished manuscript records in the collections of the Virginia Historical Society. Intentionally, we are not including at this time information from copies of documents held by other repositories or in private hands, or simply names offered without original documentation. With an estimated 8 million processed manuscripts in our own collections, we know that we have thousands upon thousands of original documents that may contain information on enslaved African Americans, and we expect that it will take years to extract and post all that information. In the meantime, new collections of original manuscripts will be donated or otherwise acquired by the VHS, and we are likewise committed to processing those collections and including pertinent information retrieved from them in the database.

    We cannot currently accept copies of records in other hands for inclusion in the database. For anyone interested in donating original, unpublished documents with information about enslaved persons to the VHS collections, you may contact the Vice President for Collections, E. Lee Shepard, at

    Thank you for visiting the UNL database!

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