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  • PattersonSearch December 2012
    I'm am looking for any information available about my 2nd great grandfather Charles Patterson, a mulatto, born in VA about 1805. Charles was a blacksmith and trained many of his sons as blacksmiths.

    His wife was Nancy, born in VA about 1822, also a mulatto, last name "unknown" on all documents that I've found. She "could" be the daughter or slave of Rich’ T. Ellis since I found a marriage cert with those names but no mother listed.

    Their children born in VA were Charles Richard, William S., Mary F., and Henry L.

    Beginning in 1843 children born in Greenfield, Ohio were John Edward, Sarah J., James W., Thomas Alexander, Franklin, Maria, Allen and last my great grandfather Robert Sterling Patterson born in 1863. I believe there was also a daughter Martha.

    ANY info is greatly appreciated.
  • paigepaige January 2013
    Hi PattersonSearch,
    Do you happen to know where in Virginia Charles Patterson was born? Or where in Virginia his wife, Nancy was born?

    Thank you for visiting the Unknown No Longer Message Board,
  • PattersonSearch January 2013
    Thank you for your response. This is where I am stuck. I only know that they were born in VA. I have found no other info than that on Minnesota (Robert's) and Ohio census, and birth and death certificates of their children.

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