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Hackley Family in Virginia
  • Hackley January 2013
    I am looking for any info on the Hackley Family in 4th greatgrandfather name was Rev. John William "Billy" Hackley and was born around (1800) in Virginia....he was suppose to have worked on his Slave owners Plantation... his slave owner's name was John Hackley and I am assuming he took the name from him...if anyone has any info I would really appreciate it...
  • daeonrich March 2013

    A John Hackley is my 4th great grandfather, who was also the slave owner. Our family plantation is Hackleys Cross Roads, Fauquier, Virginia. I have my 3rd great grandfather's death certificate (Calvin Hackley) which lists John as his father and Naney Hackley as his mother. Naney was likely a slave. I don't have any information about your relative; however, John may be a connection and perhaps the name of the plantation may also help you?
  • Hackley June 2013
    Hi looks like we are in the same family line...Calvin was my 4th greatgrandfather's 4th son..and my 4th great 3rd greatgrandfather was Calvin's brother..Marcellus Larry Hackley 1845...i know that our 4th great grandfather was a Baptish preacher in Niles Michigan...there were 16 Hackley Children...9 girls and 7 boys...i'm just wondering where all of their decendants are...i do have some info on them but wanted more...i know that our 4th grandfather lived on a Plantation of his owner John Hackley who's wife was the 1st cousin to Abraham Lincoln...that is where he probably got his name from...i'm wondering what his birth name was and am trying to dig a little deeper for slave records...any more info you have on any of the Hackley's will be appreciated...thank you and i hope we can maybe we can help each other research our family line...

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