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John Meriwether Tinsley, Virginia
  • KatieTisdall January 2013
    I am in Canada and looking for information about John Meriwether Tinsley, noted as a Quadroon and Free-born African American born in Henrico County, Virginia, 1783 to Elizabeth Meriwether and Capt. Samuel Tinsley. He was schooled in Richmond, Virginia and learned the trade of carpenter and journeyman and married Douglass Daily in 1811. In 1831 he spent some time in Toronto, Canada and at the Wilberforce settlement near London, Ontario, returning to Richmond where he remained until 1837, and then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.

    In 1842 he moved to Toronto permanently and opened a grocery store, his wife died the same year. He then worked as a carpenter. His sister, Polly, was born in 1775 and was living in New Orleans in 1870. A reformer in politics and a Baptist in religion, he was well respected in the community and reportedly died in Toronto at the age of 106 or 108.
  • paigepaige January 2013
    Hi Katie,
    You may want to look at "Related Resources" located on the this site. The page has many links to other sites that may be helpful in your search for more information.

    Please check the Virginia Historical Society's catalog - - click in the upper right hand corner "Search VHS Collections" to get started.

    Search the Library of Virginia's catalog - - as they have county and state records, such as the census that may help fill in gaps about John Meriwether Tinsley.

    Good luck on your search!
    Thank you for visiting the UNL database,

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