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Williams Surname nansemond va-
  • lknight January 2013
    I have a grandmother x 6 named Hannah William or Williams. I have her records from the time she was married. Born 1852. Her married last name is Copeland. I have been told she was born on a planation or farm and the Williams family were her owners. If could be verifed via records that would be great. Thank you for any help in advance.
  • paigepaige January 2013
    Hi LKnight,
    Could you share with us where in Virginia Hannah William/Williams lived when she was married?

    Thank you for visiting Unknown No Longer,
  • lknight January 2013
    She was married and lived in nansemond va. (Currently Suffolk Va) Married sometime between 1860 and 1870. Her spouse was Richard Copeland.
  • paigepaige February 2013
    Looking at 1870 census records on Family Search - - a Hannah Copeland shows up but her birth year is 1848 - - Could this be her?

    Do you have more information on the Williams family? You may have to locate land deeds, wills and/or estate inventories to find specific information about the enslaved of the Williams family. Nansemond County is one of the "Burned Record Counties" meaning that a lot of county records were destroyed by fire. This does make finding information more difficult and may require a shift in focus to looking for church, cemetery, or business records, if available.

    Please look through the list of "Related Resources" on this site for other helpful links and check the Library of Virginia's site -

    Good luck with your search!

  • lknight February 2013
    Thank you. Yes that is my grandmother. I have all of her records post marriage but was interested in finding more information prior to her being married. I'll check out the given like at Related Resources. Thank you again.

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