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The James Jackson Family, Scottsville, Albemarle County, Virginia
  • mrcejackson January 2013
    I am researching my family tree and of course have run into a road block for locating any information prior to the 1870 federal census. According to census records, James was born in 1825 in Albemarle County, Virginia. He was married to Louisa until her death in 1872. He then married Georgeann Taylor in 1873. Some of his children are as follows: Hewitt, Thomas, Hudson, James Jr., William, Martha and John Hiram Jackson (my grandfather).

    I would appreciate any assistance in locating information concerning my family prior to 1870. I am not certain of the farm or plantation where they were enslaved. Thanks so much.
  • mrcejackson February 2013
    I have since discovered that both James and Louisa were included as slaves in the John W. Gantt estate in 1860. Upon John's death in 1860, I believe they that were enslaved by his son, Henry Gantt until the end of the civil war. James and Louisa continued to work on his farm until 1884, the year that Henry died.

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