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Perry Brown, George Carvery, Allan Dickson of Nova Scotia, Canada
  • markcarvery January 2013
    My name is Mark S. Carvery of the former community of Africville, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. These three men were former slaves from the State of Virginia who escape slavery during the War of 1812. Admiral Cochrane proclamation offering freedom and settlement in the British colony of Nova Scotia. These three men escaped slavery, boarded British Royal Navy Ships and landed in Nova Scotia between the years of 1813 to 1816. I am looking for information pertaining to the town, county, plantation, and slaveholders of these men. The son of Perry Brown who name is William Brown was born around 1790 was the founder of the community of Africville and was the first to introduce the word African referencing people of colour, Black people and their community as African (Africville) in Canada or The United States. If any one has any information regarding these escape slaves from Virginia please contact me at
  • LauranettLauranett January 2013
    Perhaps the database, Black Loyalist, may offer some threads. Look for it under our Related Resources (see tab above). Hope this helps. Please let us know. Lauranett
  • markcarvery April 2013
    Thank you for your input. The group of escape slaves that I am referring to is a later group of African American Slaves who came to Nova Scotia from the years of 1813 to 1816 as a result of The War of 1812 they are call the Black Refugees

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