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Nat Turners final Slave Owner - Joseph Travis
  • tatkins February 2013
    I am looking for information or direction in finding the list of slaves owned by Joseph Travis, a slave owner in Southampton, Va, which also happened to be the final owner of Nat Turner. My purpose is the work through the list of slaves, then find out the ones that survived the rebellion and find out who the mother and father of my Great Great Great Grandfather, Daniel Travis.

    Much of my family was born in either Brunswick or Greensville county VA. Much of my family born here has very light features. I am working off the assumption that slaves took their masters last name and that sometimes slave master procreated with their slaves. I also know during Nat Turners rebellion of 1831, the Travis family was killed and many of the slaves were also killed. So I am curious if Daniel Travis or his mother was actually a slave on this farm.

    I focus on Daniel because the uniqueness of his last name in relation to the Joseph Travis farm in Southampton Co., which is so close to Brunswick and Greensville Co. But I also know that its possible that he was born a few years after the rebellion and potentially only his mother was a slave on this farm. But either way, if I had the list of slaves owned on this farm, I can then research birth and death records of all of the slaves.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who has any comments or assistance.
  • lknight February 2013
    Hello Tatkin,

    I also have grandparents x6 who lived in Southampton Va during this time period. There is a story of my grandfather x4 parents passing at a young age and Im curious if their names would pop up also. Good luck.
  • dea March 2013
    Have you tried looking at the chancery records online. They mention many slaves. I found my 4xgreat grandfather's will and it listed the slaves of whom he was passing down to his children.

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