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Carrington/Mayo DNA Results
  • MikkiBookmite February 2013
    The paper records show that my family lived as slaves in Georgia during the mid 1800s and beyond. To get more info, I paid to have a DNA test done. It indicated links to the Carrington and Mayo families who migrated from Barbados to Virginia in the 1700s. However, I have no idea how to link these Virginia folks to my known and documented relatives in Georgia.
    Does anyone know if there were Carrington and Mayo slaves who went from Virginia to Georgia? My Georgia relatives' surnames are: Harris, Tookes/Tukes, Holsey, and Holmes.
  • garrisl1 March 2013

    I am descendent of (black) Carrington's from Mecklenburg and Halifax counties VA. I've done extensive research on them and their slave owner.

    I'm not aware of any Carrington's going to Georgia. I too have done a DNA test. Who did you test with?

  • I tested on using both the MtDNA and autosomal DNA tests. How about you?
  • garrisl1 May 2013
    Yes, I tested autosomal on My username is garrisl1
  • sharonnash49 January 2014
    Hi my name is Sharon, and my ancestors name is Carrington/Mayo. My Mayo family is from Powhatan Virginia, my Carrington family is from Virginia, what part I don't know.
  • Sondrabj February 2014
    I only have oral history backed up by records on various geneology websites. I can only trace my Black Mayo family to Powhatan,Va in the early 1800's. I have only done research online and hope to get down to the State of Virginia Library this summer to see what else I can find out. There were several Mayo slave owners and all black Mayos are not related, so it is possible that some were rented out to farmers in Georgia and just stayed or were sold to an owner in Georgia.
  • unlpashen March 2015
    hello my name is pashen , im a carrington, we spell it currington, my ggg grandfather was born in georgia, i have dna tested with ancestry,com and 23andme, my results connect me to mayos and virginia carringtons, but i too have not been able to connect the dots. if you have been dna tested and your on gedmatch, check and see if you match A884779, M147332, A191844 , my ancestry dna name is pashen currington

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