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The Peaks/Peek Family of Buckingham and Cumberland, Virginia
  • gpeakswade October 2011
    I am searching for my ancestors. They are the Peek/Peak/Peaks of Buckingham and Cumberland, Virginia. My gg-grandparents were Kennal and Lucy Peaks, both born in early 1800s, in Virginia. I am requesting information on this family. I really don't know what happened to them. If anyone has information, please inform me. Thanking you in advance.

  • LauranettLauranett October 2011
    I was working with Buckingham records last week. Because we strive for the highest standards we have set up a meticulous process before we present it to you in this database. So, please check back with us. If you are in Richmond please visit our library which is open six days a week from 10-5. Lauranett
  • gpeakswade October 2011
    Lauranett, thank you so very much. I will check back soon.

  • Martha March 2012
    To: gpeakswade - There are a lot of descendants of Peaks and Staunton families that lived in Buckingham, Virginia who migrated to WV, MD, PA, and New York. They have a big reunion and you can e-mail them at I grew up with them in Ingram Branch, WV - my maiden name is Evans and I am the person who wrote the book about my ancestors that you inquired about.
  • gpeakswade April 2012
    Martha, thank you for responding. You are spot on about the family moving to WV, MD, PA, and NY. Many left Virginia to work in the coal mines. Thanks for the email address, I will make contact. I am very interested in the book that you wrote. Is it for sale? How can I obtain a copy? Thanks!
  • Martha April 2012
    My book is for sale. If you have not gotten the book yet send me an e-mail at and you can get a copy from me and we can also talk about your research. You can also get the book from and Barnes and Noble. Be sure and check out the 1940 Census records at West Virginia, ED-10-33 and you will find a whole list of Peaks and Stauntons living at Ingram Branch. They moved there from Virginia in the early 30's. It is a free search on the Archives website.
  • gpeakswade April 2012
    Thank you. An email is on its way to you.
  • Markeith February 2013
    I hope that you still long back on to see this comment I am a peaks and a Staunton. But we have a faimly reunion every two years. The next one is in Detroit in 2014. We have a very big faimly I guse this make you my cousin. My name is Markeith price and we actually have a web site just type in on google peaks and Staunton faimly reunion and our web site will pop right up.
  • Lillian March 2013
    I am a descendant of the Saunton (Stanton) of Buckingham. I have traced back to Warner in 1811. Loved hearing that others are working on family trees, having reunions, and about Ms Evans book. Will be making contact.
  • jacktheknife March 2013
    So sorry if I didn't make myself clear...I am looking for any surname Washingtons or any surname Harpers who may have resided in Waynesboro, VA. or Staunton, Va. I am not looking for any surname Stauntons, but thank you so much for trying to contact me...I hope you find other family members and have a wonderful celebration in 2014...Yours Truly, JAHarper
  • gpeakswade July 2013
    Hi Markeith, I will check out your web site. Thanks so much.
  • Hello,

    My name is Cornelius Cooper and my 2nd great grand father was John Peek also from Virginia born July 1849. At some point he moved to Georgia, my question is have any of you traced any Peeks to this area? I have been building my family tree to the past 15 years and I am now at a brick wall when it comes to the Peek's origins. Any help will be very much appreciated, I can be reached at


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