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Born in slavery died free woman
  • KMoss19 March 2013
    Mahala Ann was born a slave in Virginia in the year 1824 to Allis Lynch. They were owned by Isaac P. Davis (born December 8, 1797). According to family oral tradition, Isaac owned a sizable plantation in central Virginia and several slaves. Mahala, one of his slaves, bore her master five children the first of which was born in 1848. She named the child Martha. Her picture can be seen on the front page of this site, along with her daughter Julia Carr. After the death of Davis's white wife , he brought Mahala, their five children, Mahala's mother Allis Lynch, sister Sarah and various other slaves to Ohio where he freed them. He gave each freed slave two acres of land and built a house for Mahala and the children.

    In 1857 Isaac married his former slave. A total of thirteen children were born to this union. The children were Martha, Virginia A., Isaac S, John M (Twins), Thomas D., Hector S., Benjamin, Vicotria, William N., Hugh (Twins) Sarah M, James R and Samuel Russel (My grandfather). John, Thomas and William were ministers of the gospel in the Baptist Church.

    Mahala has been remembered as a great cook and mother. People of Color from the settlement of Chillicothe would journey out to the Huntington Hills to participate in fox hunts and horse races. Mahala always saw that there was plenty of delicious food prepared for the visitors.

    Those who knew her said that she was very proud of her children especially her sons. She was a woman of deep religious convictions and a member of the historic Eden Baptist Church. Mahala died in 1896 Though born in slavery, she died a free woman!!!.

    IF someone can help me with my search, and that is first being She (Mahala) was owned by Isaac P Davis before name change it was Lynch next qeustion how will I find info on what Plantion of the Lynch"s being her mother name was Allis Lynch how if posseable can i get my hands on a roster of slave ships that I can trace my family....Thanks for your time
  • LauranettLauranett April 2013
    Perhaps the database "Voyages" will provide some help regarding ship manifests. It consists of 35,000 slaving expeditions between 1514 and 1866.
    Go to: On another note, you mention in your post that Mahala Ann's picture is on the front page of this database. Can you provide more information? We have long wanted to know more about this image in our collection and when we chose to incorporate her image in the montage we hoped someone would be able to identitfy her.
  • KMoss19 April 2013 (This is the Post my cousin Beverly Gray research) Mahala Ann's picture is on cover of that data base

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