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Andrew Richards
  • richards March 2013
    My great great grandfather Andrew Richards was born around, Culpepper Va. aroung 1840, give or take a couple of years, he was slave to William Thomas Jefferson Richards. I believed this may have been in Richardsville Va....I found him in Burleson County Texas on cecnus in 1870 any information would be helpful..Thank You!
  • paigepaige March 2013
    Thanks for visiting the Unknown No Longer database!
    A quick search through the UNL database and the Virginia Historical Society's online catalog - - does not show a William T. J. Richards. But I encourage you to search the Library of Virginia's catalog which can be found through this link - - and possibly look at their digitized Chancery Records under Virginia Memory.

    Do you know how Andrew Richards got to Texas from Virginia? Did the Richards family move there, if so, when? Have you found other information in addition to what you found in the 1870 census records?

    Good luck with your search,
  • richards April 2013
    Thanks for yours efforts, we show that William Thomas Jefferson Richards, came to Texas around 1860's...with 12 to 15 slaves no names just ages and sex..
  • richards April 2013
    while speaking to my cousin I realized that Wm T. J. Richards parents are James and Winfield Benson Richards, we believed that the Richards came to Texas around 1850 to 1861...I found information on 1880, 1900 etc...we would also be interested in a Julie or Julia Richards...
  • paigepaige April 2013
    Hi Richards,
    I looked through our catalog for W.T.J. Richards parents and Julie/Julia but no hits. Have you searched the Library of Virginia's site?

    Try searching on FamilySearch - - which has census and other records that could provide more information.

    Tax lists, property records and wills might list enlaved names and could provide more indepth information beyond what is in the census. You may want to search for records in Burleson County, Texas, these can be at the county court, local historical society and/or local public library.

    Thanks for keeping us posted!

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