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Phoebe, house servant, Thomas Lindsay Plantation, Stafford Courthouse, VA
  • kenalls March 2013
    I am researching the life of Barney Launcelot Ford – Birth 22 Jan 1822 in Stafford Courthouse, VA; Death 14 Dec 1902 in Denver, CO

    Barney's mother is reported to be a house slave, Phoebe – Birth ?; Death 1836. Phoebe "stole" books to educate Barney who was eventually labeled a "reading slave." (Gasp!)

    His owner (and reported father) is said to be plantation owner Thomas Lindsay (b:?-d:1824?)

    As you can see, I have no documentation to verify birth/death dates.

    Can you point me in a direction to help me fill in the blanks and give me the story on the Lindsay plantation in Stafford Courthouse, VA, and more specifically on the fascinating Phoebe?

    Ken Allscheid
    2671 W 106th Loop A
    Denver, CO 80234

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