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Gaskey (1832)and Susan Butler born in Farmville, Prince Edward County
  • treebob March 2013
    I am doing research on the family history.. it is said that my great great grandfather was Gaskey Butler and His Wife Susan Butler. I am not sure if they were slaves. My grandmother Nannie Butler, married John Fountain and move to NYC in the late 1890's. She had four sisters and brother. Her youngest sister Selena Butler lived her entire life in Farmville. She died in the early 1980's. Trying to find any information that I can on my family. Thank You
  • Queenie April 2013
    There is a document online that may be of interest to you.

    It is a case between the widow Susan Butler (plaintiff) and Emma Butler (defendant). Your grandmother, Nannie Butler Fountain, is mentioned in this document. This document is 27 pages long and contains a lot of family information. It can be downloaded.
  • Queenie April 2013
    You may also wish to check at the Erie County Historical Society in Buffalo, NY or the newspaper films at the Main Library in Buffalo, NY. Checking the Prince Edward County Census records for 1870 there were two Gaskey Butlers in that area. The first would have been your ancestor but the second was a Gaskey Butler who was the son of Nathan and Matilda Butler. This young man can be found in Erie County (with his brother) in 1892. This branch of the Butler family remained in that area. It's a long shot but you may have another set of records from relatives to research.

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