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Williams: Farmville, Virginia
  • Thomas Williams (1860) married to Polly Williams (1876-1956). Thomas's first wife was named Alice. Alice's Children with Tom: Joh (1878), Martha (1885), Mary (1887), Willie (1889), Pearl (1890), Mable (1897), and Frank (1898). Polly's children with Tom: Amanda (1894), Leila (1898), Ada (1905), Mary (1909), Charles (1910), Coline (1911), and David (1917).
  • Queenie May 2013
    Thomas Williams' first wife was Alice Mosely. They were married in Prince Edward County, 2 July 1876. She was born in 1855. I cannot make out or rather figure out her birthplace other than Virginia. It says "Nagyman" which doesn't ring any bells with me.

    His date of birth is listed as 1855 in that record. Parents' initials check out. Her parents were only listed as C. Mosely and M. Mosely.
  • Queenie May 2013
    Unless "Nagyman" is Nansemond?
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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