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my mysterious Hightowers
  • BDH2013 May 2013
    My great grandfather name is Isaiah Hightower who married My gg Lucy Waites from Hearne, TX. The Hightower name has always been a mystery for the family .I have taken the dutiful task to update my family tree . The last family tree update was done in 1985. At that time we were only able to go as far back as my great great grandparents .
    Unfortunately since that time we have lost many of our elders and information was lost. The information I had gathered so far I believe his parents are Jonah "Jones" Hightower and Henrietta Williams . From this union I believe they had 14 children . I think they originated from Macon Georgia. I'm at a brick wall with my Hightowers. I would love to know more but don't know where else to look and hoping for some assistance .
    I'm a beginner in this this has been an exciting journey. I would love to hear more about the Hightower family. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me . Thank you and god bless !!

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