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Looking to mark graves in Stewartsville, VA owned by Dearing.
  • Chris May 2013
    I have a friend from Roanoke who is interested in tracking down the names of some slaves owned by his great-great grandfather in Stewartsville, VA. in Bedford Country. They apparently were buried with the family on a small family plot, and had tombstones that were destroyed sometime in the 1950s. We were interested in replacing the markers, but we're not quite sure where to find the information as to who these people were. Any recommendations or resources?

    The owner's names were Silas and Mary Dearing of Stewatsville, VA. The timeframe would be roughly Civil War and Reconstruction era.
  • Queenie May 2013
    You may be in luck if the WPA had a project in Virginia recording cemeteries. I have seen print outs of these projects in other states. It may be worth your while to contact an archivist.

    Good luck with your endeavor.

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