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  • dorboone June 2013
    I was told Junius Boone, parent was name John and Elsie Boone. Junius, SSN last four #s are 4680. First wife was name Bessie Boone, second wife named Fannie Carson Boone, (my grandmother). He had a brother named William. William mother name was Jennie. Junius died in March 1985. I am trying to find information on Junius parents. If you have anymore information on his parents please help me. I'm thinking Junius mother died when he was young. Junius Boone was an African American. Again Thanks so much for your time..........granddaughter/Dorothy
  • shasan504 June 2013

    I would like to help, but do you know where these people were born?
  • dorboone April 2014
    They were born in Virginia. Don't know where Junius (junious) Boone mother was born. His mother name was Elsie Boone. Believe his father remarried to Jennie Boone.
  • I will try to help as well. I have Boones on both sides of my family. (long story.. ) I'll ask if any names ring a bell. A lot of them came from NC and migrated.
  • dorboone June 2014
    Thanks so much Supermom11.

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