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Horace Booker (Slave Owner) Prince Edward Co.
  • thelittles July 2013
    I'm looking for information on Horace Booker. This particular slave owner sold a large portion of land to my families church (New Bethel) in Meherrin, Va. He was also known to owe various members of my family. Any information would be appreciated. Horace doesn't appear on US Census Reports.
  • 2William_Lee August 2013
    Looking for information on my great great grandmother Martha Booker who had a daughter Cora Booker who married York Lee. Martha may have been born in Ketucky but was relocated to Prince Edward County, Farmville, Virginia. She relocated to Cranford, NJ in 1920-1930.
  • Queenie August 2013
    Short and sweet for the descendants of Cora Booker and York Lee. Cora was the only child of John Booker and Martha Land (Lands/Landes). Martha married John Booker 22 January 1873 in Prince Edward, Virginia. He was a widower. This was Martha's first and apparently only marriage.

    John Booker died by 1900. Martha Booker was living next door to York and Cora Lee and their young family.

    If you check through the 1880 census, you may find some clues as to Martha's parents names. There were several Lands living in Prince Edward around her age at the time. Her parents names were listed only by initials, either "J" or "I" for her father and "M" for her mother. A brief search indicates that one of the Lands, Caesar Land listed his parents as Isaac and Mary Land at the time of his marriage to Clarissa B. Jackson in 1869. She was the daughter of Booker and Sarah Jackson.

    Caesar Land and his wife and children Gertrude (b 1873), Fanny (b 1879) and Isaac (b. 1876) were living in Prince Edward County with Jackson Patterson in 1880. Also living in this household was a Henry Lee born in 1850. Jackson Patterson's wife Sarah, was Clarissa Jackson Land's aunt.

    This may be entirely coincidental but Caesar Land moved to Hempstead, New York by 1892 (NY State Census). Caesar Land (birthplace alternately given as KY) can also be found living in Hempstead in 1910 with his second wife, Martha.

    Hope this can provide you with further family connections.

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