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The Hawthorn(e) Family of Lunenburg,Va, USA
  • arthurharris33 September 2013
    My name is Arthur Robert Harris, born Robert Arthur Harris. I was born to Arthur Grant Harris and Elizabeth Anne Harris Moore Harris Patterson. My father's mother was born Georgette "Georgie" Hawthorn(e), to Rufus/Ruben Hawthorn(e) and Malinda/Linda Hinton. Rufus/Rubin Hawthorn(e), had a second wife (abt 1891) named Margaret, sometimes called "Maggie". their last child was born Aubrey Hawthorn(e) in 1912. He today, reportedly is 102 years old and resides in Lunenburg, VA, USA and is my Grand Uncle. Anyone having information about these facts, please contact me. My email address is,

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