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Flowerdew Hundred and Curles Neck
  • bcreative222bcreative222 October 2013
    My ancestors lived at Flowerdew Hundred and Curles Neck in Virginia. I have been wanting to try to trace the slaves and their families that lived there. I would like to find any relatives I might have, as well as families that were enslaved by my ancestors. It is a strange feeling to see listings, no names, of slaves owned by my ancestors. If anyone has any connections they would like to share, I would love to discuss it. The family names then would have been: Woodson, Morton, Dupuy, Watkins, Minor and Smith. I'm not sure if there are other names as well. I have a geneology chart on I'm new to it, but my father, when he was alive, did a very indepth research on both his side, and my mother's side. Thank you in advance to anyone who has any knowledge of this area and time.
  • bcreative222bcreative222 October 2013
    I realise I also have ancestors named Cocke, Anderson, Furbish, and Guerrant.
  • Racefield October 2013

    I am researching (and marking) slave graves on Racefield (aka Rosewood) in Prince George, VA. If you run across any information please let me know.

    Wills are an excellent resource for slave names.
  • RosaVal October 2013
    bcreative222, I have some info on the Cocke family. I can't see your chart on Ancestry. Can you give me any first names, dates, etc?
  • bcreative222bcreative222 October 2013
    Do I make changes so you can see the chart on Here are some names and dates:

    Mary Cocke Smith
    B - July 4, 1755 - Powhatan VA
    D - February 2, 1815 - Willington, Prince Edward, VA

    Richard Cicke
    B - 1600 - England
    D - 1665

    Mary Cocke
    B - 1690
    D - 1754

    William Cocke
    B - 1655
    D - 1693
  • KIKnightKIKnight January 2014
    BCREATIVE222 - In 1619, when the first Africans arrived at Pointe Comfort, they were brought by Captain Jope of the White Lion. Although they were enslaved and sold to the Spanish Captain Acuna at the Port of Luanda, upon their arrival in the colony they became indentured servants. They were disbursed throughout the colony, with most of them going to Flowerdew Hundred, Governor Yeardley's plantation. There is documentation that shows Gov. Yeardley's wife paid them monthly with tobacco in 1623.

    Later this year, my novel, Fate & Freedom will be published. The story follows the life of Margaret, one of the Twenty and Odd Africans that arrived in August of 1619. All the characters and events are based on documented evidence I obtained through my work as a Genealogist. Margaret was my husband's 11th generation great-grandmother.
  • How would I purchase your book?
  • unlcynthia August 2015
    I and two of my relatives have taken dna tests and all 3 of us match Cockes of Henrico, Co. VA.
    I have done some research on the Cockes and though I've not found a connection the Plantation home Malvern Hills strikes a cord. My 3rd gr. grandmother was Malvina, b. 1830 in VA. I don't know where in VA, but when I ran across a book by Andi Combo-Floyd, The Slaves Have Names, there was a chapter in her book entitled Malvina. That started my research into the Cocke family.

    My 3rd gr. grandfather, John Peck b. 1820, Malvina's husband was from WVA, I believe, before WVA was created from VA.

    May I ask if you have taken any DNA that we might compare DNA? Since you are related to the Cockes, there may be a slight chance that you match either me, my sister or my cousin.

    Thank you.
  • bcreative222bcreative222 August 2015
    I have done the DNA test on That information is on that site. I am related to the Cockes. We are probably related, have you done the DNA on Ancestry?
  • Hi bcreative222,
    Yes, I have tested, and have a group of cousins who also match various Cocke relative. I'm trying to figure out which Cocke is our Ancestor. That task is daunting. But, I will look you up on Ancestry and see if I or any of my cousins have you as a match. Have you uploaded you DNA raw data to GEDmatch, yet. We may find many more in common. I have done that, but I can't pin-point which of my matches have Cocke/Kennon relatives until I have at least one known Cocke relative to match me there.
  • unlmelissa August 2016
    Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa Hipolit, and I am a reporter for WTVR in Richmond, Virginia. I am doing a story about this database, and I would like to talk to someone who is using it to do research. Do you mind sending me an email or giving me a call? My email address is:, and my phone number is (804) 396-0306. Thank you very much. Melissa

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