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DNA and Slavery
  • Queenie December 2013
    For those of you interested in the history of slavery, here's an interesting blog from the Smithsonian. DNA research reveals that there were two main waves of exports of kidnapped individuals from Africa to the New World.
  • tdedicatoria September 2014
    I was doing some reading and found that many of the slaves brought to the colonies were imported from the West Indies and then Africa latter on when it became more profitable. Have you found any evidence of this?
  • unlamyt July 2015
    My husband did the DNA through Ancestry and it showed 63% from Africa; Nigeria, Africa SE Bantu, Mali, Ivory Coast/ Ghana, Benin/Togo, 37% from Europe: Ireland, Great Britain and 7% trace regions. It was interesting to see the map they provide along with the history of those regions.

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