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Garris Family/Patterson Family Norfolk? Newport news? Census documented.
  • Supermom11 December 2013
    I have been building my family tree for quiet some time now and right now I am at a dead end. My Great Grandmother AND Great Grandfather were Born and raised in Virginia (The rest of their siblings were born in North Carolina) I have been searching night and day and through census it showed their location as of the 1890's-1910 Living and working in Norfolk Virginia as "Servants" and they were considered "Mullatto" one paper.. Negros on a different paper. My Great Grandfather's name was Goldie Garris Born in 1887

    His mother was Celia Garris born roughly 1862 In NC.. by the time she was 39 she had 9 children and was a Widow,.. I have no idea what happened to her husband nor does it show on my Goldie's death Certificate (He died so long ago, so they allowed me to obtain a copy. It was pretty much as if he was alone. He had a heart attack,.. under mother it said "Celia Garris" Father: Unknown

    HOWEVER!!.. I located on another document that had a documented marriage and it showed parents of bride and groom. Mother Celia Garris Father: Jim/James Garris

    I wanted to be sure, found wedding document for great grandpa's siblings.. one says jim for father.. the other says James for father.. Over all it's the same thing Jim is a nickname for JAMES.. but where the heck did he go? He is nowhere on the census papers, not living with then in the 1900's Were there slave owners with the last name GARRIS??? Can someone help me?

    ..... Other side of my family.. my Great Grandmother MAMIE PATTERSON.. (wife of Goldie Garris/Went missing in the 1940's) also Grew up in Virginia. document said Newport News.. mother's name Henrietta.. sister lottie.. ruth..

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