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Slave owner William Spotswood Fontaine of King William, VA
  • Eve December 2011
    I am looking for more information on slave owner William Spotswood Fontaine. On another site, I found that he owned at least 30 slaves, and I'm wondering if any of those slaves happened to be my ancestor named James A., born around 1842, who changed the last name to Fountain when he and his family made their way north to PA before the turn of the century. It's a long shot, but I'm pleasantly surprised to have gotten this far. Your site is wonderful, by the way. Thank you.
  • mpaaghs February 2012
    The Middle Peninsula African-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Virginia (MPAAGHS) has a surnames list at the following URL:

    You can get in touch with a researcher focusing on King William County. To sort the list by "County", click on the "County/City" heading at the top of the table.
  • unlinez December 2015
    Hi Eve - I've been working on the Fontaines of Somerset County for a good friend (and Fontaine descendant). I think you'll find, as your research progresses, that the spelling of this surname flip-flopped quite a bit over time.

    I highly recommend taking an autosomal DNA test in conjunction with your historic research. My friend, not surprisingly, has found blood ties to his slave owners family.


    Inez Hoffman

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