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Wingo, John
  • wingomo101 January 2014
    I am searching for information about the slaves of John Wingo (KW) and/or John Wingo Jr. from Amelia County, VA. I do know that my family is related to the slaves of these men. Their slaves were brought to Missouri in 1828 or 1850 and are found living in Washington County, MO with slave owner John George Wingo in the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules. John G. Wingo is the son of John Wingo Jr.
    Judy Wingo was my ggg grandmother and is listed in the 1870 Washington County, MO census records as being 101 yrs. old. Her grand-daughter, Jane Wingo, is my great grandmother and both were born in VA. In some records it appears that Judy (Jude) may have had a twin, Suckey.
    I have done many hours of research on-line and would like information on a bill of sale, wills, deeds, or any other records that may shed light on who/where Judy and Jane came from before John Wingo (KW) owned them. I'm not sure where else to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • prwebb February 2014
    I have been searching the Estes/Corum?Deckard slaves. May have previously been Harris or Yancey. Seems the Wingos bought their property, when they moved to Oregon at some point. Also may be Daugherty, they all run together! The property was in Liberty, Clay County Missouri, or Fishing River Township. It's very close to the James family property. Not sure what my question is. But, I wondered if any of the slaves stayed behind at the old place, when the families moved to Oregon. There is also a graveyard near there, where some relations could have been buried. Does this make sense to anyone? I'm looking for "Amy" Amanda Johnson's Mother (also-Wilhite/Wilhoite, Corum, Estes, Harris, Yancey) I believe they may be the family, fought over in court by the Wilhites "Amy and her Children" Any information would be appreciated, Photos?
  • paigepaige February 2014
    Hi Wingomo101 -
    Have you checked the Library of Virginia's Chancery Records Index?

    You can search by county/city, plaintiff/defendant, year, etc. This may shed some light on the Wingo family of Amelia County. I would also suggest searching surrounding counties.

    I wish you luck with your research!
    Thank you for posting on the UNL Message Board.


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