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18?? Census of Colored People in Princess Anne County
  • NiaJai February 2014

    I'm trying to decipher some information on this census. I found my ancestors listed on one of the pages, but I can't make out the slave holders names. If anyone recognizes any of the names or has more information about this census, please let me know.

    Here's a link to the page:

    My ancestors are 4 up from the bottom - surname Baynes.


  • sstewart February 2014
    The document is a census taken by the Freedmen's Bureau, and is part of Freedmen's Bureau Record Group 105 (Records of the Field Offices). After the end of the Civil War in 1865, The Freemen's Bureau called for a census to be taken of the "colored population". Although all FB officials were required to take a census in all the Virginia Counties, not all were done or not all survived, or maybe languishing in some courthouse. This one is on a pre-printed form so I estimate it was done circa 1865-1866. Family Search digitized all 203 microfilm rolls of RG 105 and there was a volunteer project to index the "names" of the individuals who appear in the material, which is what you found. Your Baynes family appears on the microfilm Roll #161, which is for the Princess Anne County FB Field Office, which contains information about Norfolk County (which is not Norfolk the city).

    I can not discern the name of the slave owner..the last 4 letters appear to be "...good".

    There also appears to be references to an Isaac Baynes receiving Bounty Pay, from his service in the USCT. Is this your Isaac?

    In the book "Norfolk County Virginia Marriage Licenses 1850-1899 by Sharon Gable and Truitt Bonney..Isaac and Ellen Baynes are listed as the parents of Mamie Jane Baynes in her marriage to Joseph Robert Hill on 26 May 1887, all said to have been born in Norfolk County, VA.
  • MsBlesst October 2015
    I just ran across this post. I know it is more than a year old, but I just had to follow the link to see if I could make out the name of the slave holder.

    I could be wrong, but looking at the way the writer writes the letter W in lines 3-8 on the same record, it appears to me that the slave owner's name you are referring to is J T Withgood. As stated, I could be wrong, but just making a wild guess. Maybe if you search out that name it will lead you to your family.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy hunting and successful searches!
    MsBlesst (Laura)
  • NiaJai January 2017
    I came across my post from three (wow) years ago. Just wanted to close it out, in case anyone find it. I've come to determine that the surname of the slaveholder was Bidgood (obviously not spelled correctly here), John T. Bidgood to be exact, or J.T. Bidgood as it was often written.


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