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McLaughlin- Pittsylvania- Help
  • ndoswell March 2014
    When I first set out to learn about my family history, I never new in a million years how difficult it would be and how time consuming. I didn't get a chance to ask my grandmother much about her family.. she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 8 years ago and passed away this past March 3rd. So now Im at a stalemate. What I have learned so far: I'll work my way backwards: My grandmother Evelyn L Palmer (Williams) born 1934 in VA, Great grandmother Mary Alice Williams(McLaughlin) Born 1906 in Va, Great Great Grandmother Carrie L Mcalughlin (Mayo) born 1882 married John P McLaughlin born 1872- his mother was Harriett McLaughlin (cant find out maiden name or her husbands name). Their children's names just have a few: Westly McLaughlin, Mary Alice McLaughlin, John Eddie McLaughlin.Well this is as far as I have gotten. If anyone has any info about McLaughlins or Mayos of VA please help.
  • John McLaughlin 1834-1908
    Harriet Henry. 1846-

    John McLaughlin born Jan 1874 Virginia- no death date yet
    Married Carrie Mayo 1882-

    I'II keep looking up on your line,will post what I find.
  • Carrie was widowed by 1930.Her parents were Alfred Mayo born 1854 and his wife was Mary A.Mayo,married 1880

    Children of John and Carrie
    Westley L.1917-
    Mary Alice-1907-
    John Eddie 1913-
    Rosie C. 1911-
    John E. 1913-
    Bessie G. 1915-
    Harry L. 1920-
    McKenly 1903- had only grade 4 education and married a girl Odell
    Harriett 1909-
  • ndoswell March 2014
    @mazzoccarosemarie Thank you!! This helps alot! Now I can at least try to work on where the name McLaughlin came from. I appreciate this a bunch!
  • Queenie April 2014
    Another clue (maybe) from the 1900 census when Alfred and Mary A. Mayo were living in Dan River District, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Their household included a niece, Arobelle Chambers age 18. Arobelle should have been Alfred's niece if his household was recorded according to the book.

    Carrie's mother Mary A. age 35 was born in NC. You could try looking for NC born Marys in the 1880 census. I haven't seen Alfred in the earlier census records. There were a couple in Albemarle that roughly match though.

    Just now, I'm running a search for Arabelle Chambers and got a hit for an Arabel Chanbers in the 1910 census working as a cook in the household of John B. and Ollie White. Also living and/or working for the Whites was Arabelle's daughter Liza age 6 and a "Clay McLaughlin" age 19.

    There are numerous McLaughlins listed in Dan River in the 1900 census. Have a look at this record for example:
  • Queenie April 2014
    Alfred Mayo seems to have remarried.

    1920 census:

    On this sheet are Carrie and her husband John and a couple of her siblings.
  • Queenie April 2014
    This is a wild guess but you may wish to snoop into some Dodson connection. Bee D. Mayo, Alfred's youngest son's middle name was Dodson. The Dodsons in that area were from NC. This is all speculation on my part, mind you.

    Here is a link to Bee's WWI Draft registration:
  • ndoswell April 2014
    @Queenie Thank you so much! This will keep me busy all day at work.. instead of working lol. I really am grateful for all the help this site has given me! Thanks everyone. iwill keep you posted if i find anything out. Have a great day!
  • Queenie April 2014
    You are welcome. While you are having a snoop at familysearch, check out this death record for James Arthur Mayo:

    His parents were listed as Alfred Mayo of Virginia and Mary Yancey of Casewell County NC.

    I believe this gentleman was the Arthur J born in October of the 1900 census of Dan River to Alfred and Mary Mayo. Arthur's wife was Mary Woodson.

    I'm always interested in Mayos. There's an elusive York Mayo of Cumberland County I've yet to track down.

    Happy Hunting!
  • Queenie April 2014
    Birth record for an Alfred Mayo, slave:

    Halifax, Virginia

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