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Henry Jeff or Jeffries
  • dmiles July 2014
    Has any one found any information on Henry Jeffries who would have been a slave in around 1860's and would have been a child. He lived in Virginia at this time. He migrated to Alabama in the 1870's or 1880's. I've been looking everywhere. I need help.
  • Queenie July 2014
    What is the earliest census record you've found Henry in in Alabama? Approximately when was Henry Jeffries born? Wife or children's names? If your ancestor settled in Hale County, have a look at this FB page:
  • unljbar December 2014
    I read Will Books in Fauquier Co, VA. Below are 3 Henrys. The last one looks most promising. Good luck. unljbar

    WB 21 William STEWART pg 48, 8 Jan 1848, inv & appr

    Harriet 42 and children George 1, Simon 4, Noah 6, and Lucy 8, Keziah 26 and children Arthur 1, Henry 6, and Ann Maria 9, Emma 27 and children John 9, Marshall 3, and Elizabeth 1, Edith 46, Thomas 60, Hannah 80

    William WYCKOFF pg 242, 2 Nov 1847, inv & appr

    Violet and her child Catherine, woman Margaret, little Henry 7, Martha 7, Malinda 20 and 2 children Louisa and Diana, Betsy 18 and her child Larkin, Nancy 57, Joe 25, Edmond 39, Davy 39, Barnett 25, George, Henry 21, old woman Clary

    WB 23 Josephine M. JEFFRIES pg 413, 1 Jan 1851 - 1 Jan 1852, gdn acct

    Ellen and 4 male children, Dick, Willoughby

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