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Henry County - bought female for 2K pounds
  • Henderson1700s October 2014
    In 1780, according to “Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books 1 and II : 1776-1784” page : 54 reads:
    pg. 67 : 25 May 1780 : Bill of sale. JOHN HILTON [HYLTON or HELTON other spellings] of the county of Henry ; sells and delivers unto THOMAS HENDERSON one woman slave named Jries [NOTE: I do not believe that is the correct spelling of her name, I would love to know more about who she is] for the sum of two thousands pounds. Signed: John Hilton. Wit: John Henderson (Brother of Thomas) and James (x) Short.

    My question is, is there the actual document that has that information? I would love to see this.. and was it unusual to pay that much for one person ..especially in 1780? I do not know if my ancestor, Thomas Henderson had many slaves -- I am curious about it.. but I am more curious about this one.

    From learning about my ancestor, he was a man who wanted to make a difference ; was involved in politics and if I was going to guess, he was trying to free her from this Hilton/Hylton/Helton man.....
  • Henderson1700s October 2014
    he bought her for 2K pounds ----> I do not know what the price it was back then... I wonder if she took the surname: HENDERSON or HILTON/HELTON/ HYLTON .... I would like to know more about this Hilton/Hylton/Helton man...

    Thomas Henderson was a "Justice of Peace" in Henry County, Virginia in this time .

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