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the Hatter Family
  • JGray November 2014
    I've seen the birth records for Charles Town dated 1853 that a Mrs. Aisquith was the owner of Rebecca Hatter who, just gave birth to George William on Jan 9, 1853.. the father was Frank Hatter.. my question is what plantation was Frank Hatter from?
  • unlinez November 2014
    Hi - There were two Mrs. Edward M. Aisquiths. The first woman was Willema Tate Aisquith. She was the daughter of William and Abigail N. Tate (Belvedere Plantation). She died shortly after George William Hatter was born. Edward M. Aisquith remarried in 1856. His second wife was Ann Arabella Briscoe. Either one of these women could have brought slaves into their marriage to Edward Aisquith. If you have a birth record for George William Hatter that was made in 1853, I would lean towards the first Mrs. Aisquith.

    Edward Aisquith was born in Baltimore. The 1860 Census records him as a slave owner in Jefferson County.

    Frank Hatter's parents seem to have been Virginia born. I wouldn't put a lot of stock about George William's being from another plantation. Is it possible that George William's father, Frank was born at Belvedere Plantation?

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