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Micou family, Reuben Micou
  • unllee November 2014
    Hello, I am conducting research for the civil rights and restorative justice project at northeastern university in Boston. I am doing research on the Micou family whose lineage begins in Virginia and ended up in Choctaw Mississippi. . I have some information on the genealogy and background of the family, mainly from Choctaw, Mississippi and would be happy to share the information I've gathered with the family.

    I am looking into the lynching and murder of Reuben Micou, who was killed in 1933 in Winston County MS. If any of you have any information or contacts to relatives please feel free to email me at I'd be happy to share more of my research. The interests of the research ultimately is to provide an avenue for healing and justice for the family, while documenting cases such as these that have been lost to history.

    Warm regards, Leena

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