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Toombs of King William County
  • unlmonica February 2015
    I am looking for information on my great great grandfather John C. Toombs, born in King William County around 1840s. He was married to Sallie Toombs. Their son, John C. Toombs came to Richmond, married my great grandmother Nannie Jones in 1890. They had three sons and three daughters. My grandfather, Russell A. Toombs, born 1892, was one of the first African American mail carriers. He remained in Richmond with my grandmother, Julia Anderson Toombs until his death in 1969. She died in 1992.

    I've not been able to find out anything regarding the first John Toombs. I know that there was a slave owner in King William County named John E.W. Toombs. In 1850, slave schedules, he has a mulatto boy of about 10. Wondering if this is my great great grandfather. I know that my great grandfather was fair skinned, as was my grandfather.

    If anyone has any info regarding slave owner John Toombs, his property, records, etc., would great appreciate it. I'm working on my master's project, which is about my father's family in Virginia.

    Monica Haynes
  • unlmc March 2015
    Hello Monica - I am working on the Toombs family line for a friend of mine. He is a great-great grandson of Sallie Toombs of Acquinton in King William County Virginia. We believe her children are all from slave-owner John E W Toombs. If this is your line, let's put our info together. I sent the FB request, but this may be a better way to get in touch. - Peggy

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