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  • unldana March 2015
    I am searching for any information on these family surnames that may lead me to finding out more about my ancestors who may have originated in Virginia and later relocated to Texas before 1850. On the Spraglin side are my great great great paternal grandparents - John & Mariah Spraglin-Henry. The family matriarch's over time have told the same story regarding John and Mariah. John was owned by Patrick Henry, the founding father. And Mariah was owned by another slaver owner with the surname of either Sprackling, Spraglins, or Spraggins.

    On the Hall side are my great great great maternal grandparents - John and Lottie Hall who were both supposedly owned by a slave owner from Marshall, TX by the name of John Hall. I have three generations of slaves that were owned by John Hall beginning with my ggggrandfather John Hall. I have John Hall, my ggggrandfather, listed as being born in Franklin, VA in 1832. My great-great grandmother wrote an article in 1937 about her life as a child being born in 1854 on a plantation and even after marrying my great-great grandfather in 1873 she tells a conflicting story of continuing on at the plantation. I am really interested in finding out more about all the aforementioned surnames who originated in Virginia.

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