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Listing of Slaves names
  • phyll4 June 2015
    How are new names added to the unknown data base? What type of documentations do you need if its not front in the type of papers you have listed. I have found the names and births of my ancestors slaves born before 186t5 but they are not listed in your data base. Will they be recorded if I provide the in formation from the 1800 census?
  • paigepaige June 2015
    Hi phyll4,
    Currently, we are focusing only on names that appear in manuscripts from the Virginia Historical Society's collections. You are welcome to provide the names and births of your ancestors on the message board which might be helpful for other researchers. You may want to add a link to the site you found the information too.

    Thank you for using UNL and posting on the Message Board!
  • unlvinc July 2015
    Looking for any information pertaining to Bird/John Rogers "Farm" (Plantation). Specifically any slave manifests etc.
  • paigepaige July 2015
    Hi unlvinc,

    Do you know where the Bird/John Rogers "Farm" plantation is in Virginia?

    Thanks for using the UNL Message Board,

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