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nansemond county/Suffolk Region
  • lknight July 2015
    Has there been any updates to the Nansemond County Suffolk Region.
    I can go as far back as the early 1800's but to go further I would need actual slave records. Has that region started yet?
  • paigepaige July 2015
    Hi lknight,

    We currently have one record for Nansemond County and one record for Suffolk. For Nansemond county, a commonplace book, 1736-1796, of Robert Jordan which lists births and names of enslaved of Edmund Jordan. This record can be found by searching Edmund Jordan. And for Suffolk, an account book, 1810-1849, of Charles Hoffman lists enslaved names and can be searched by Charles Hoffman.

    If you would like to see what locations are currently represented in UNL, click the Advanced Search Options and under Location click on City/County which will show a drop down menu and you can scroll through to see which cities and counties are listed.

    We continue to update the database so please keep visiting UNL!

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