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Tutt and Slave information
  • unlamyt July 2015
    I am trying to track down any information on the last name of Tutt and possible slave connection. I am doing the geneaology for my husband's side and we hit a road block with William Tutt 1864 + - 1 year, Married to an Ella M Tywman. I believe William was born in Rappahannock Co. Va. death unknown. I was only able to find one documention for possible parents for William as Daniel/ Dallis/ Dallus Tutt, mother possible Cora Wilkes. If anyone has any information or can point me in a direction of where to look I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.
  • bcreative222bcreative222 August 2015
    I don't know anything about that specifically. But I have a good friend who lives in Rappahanock Co. I could ask if she would know where to look.
  • unlkilby December 2015
    There is a slave named Daniel (along with many other slaves) listed in a 1841 suit in Culpeper County. See it online at The will (page 37 of 113) of James Tutt, dated 1786, lists many Tutt descendants and the slaves by name they were to inherit. You'll have to search through the document set looking for a match. When researching the area, always look at records from three counties: Rappahannock, Culpeper, and Madison. One resource often overlooked is the Freedmen's Bureau records for "Little Washington" (county seat for Rappahannock). Find them online at

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