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31 slave names, Peter Jones owner, Nottoway Co.
  • unl123 October 2015
    I hope this might prove useful for someone. I have come across a number of slave names in the following document ( ). Dated January 3rd, 1828, Nottoway Court House. It assigns land and slaves to Judith W. Jones, widow of Peter Jones deceased, as her right of dower. “Matthias valued at 450$, Sylva 250$, Abby 300$, Graham 350$, Eliza 200$, Mourning 250$, Milly 275$, Toney 250$, Judy $100”.
    The following slaves were allotted to the legatees of Peter Jones (if I understand the document correctly, they were: Elizabeth Chamberlain Jones, Alpheus Jones, and Cornelia Jones): “Tom valued at $00, Dinah $00, Brannum(?) $400, George 231$, Sally 100$, Allen $300, Pleasant 400$, Solomon 450$, Aggy 150$, Isabel 25$, Jenny, Susan & Miles 275$, Nancy 275$, Eliza Jones 275$, Catherine $250, Mary 225$, Polly 325$, Nathan $400”.
    Also “John H. Knight administrator of said Peter Jones dec’d has retained in his possession the following negro slaves which are undivided, namely Patram(?) valued at $500, Rowland 500$ and Asa 650$”.
  • unl123 October 2015
    I forgot to mention, original document can be viewed on Page 48 of that file at the link above.

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