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23 slave names, owner Jones/Perkinson, Nottoway Co.
  • unl123 November 2015
    Hope this may help someone searching for ancestors. In an old chancery file of a case between the Bank of Virginia and several parties, I have come across the following slave names: “slaves held as dower by Fanny Perkinson as widow of Peter Jones dec’d…. Lincon, Bob, Tony, Tom, Anderson, Anna Maud, Eliza, Molly, and Mary, and the future increase of the females thereof, also the following negroes held as the dower of his wife viz Matthew, Fanny, Graham, Silva, Abba Mourning, Eliza. May, Molly and her 7 children James, Bob, George, Ellen, Garland, Manerva and Nancy”. I have respected the same punctuation present in the original document; so “Anna Maud” may be two people, Anna and Maud, if the scribe neglected to place a comma there. The file is at this link (see P.21).

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